Keith S. Douglass

In the late 1990’s, Keith Douglass blazed a new trail in marrying new technology (the internet) and tried and true classic law practices, when he purchased the website  As a pioneer in this field, Mr. Douglass has proven that not only can you “teach an old dog new tricks” you can create a “smarter dog”.  Using the (now vast) internet to reach victims of medical negligence, he has been able to virtually work anywhere to represent clients worldwide. This is an invaluable asset for clients that otherwise could not find a local attorney to adequately convey their injuries and the liability on behalf of their medical providers to the courts. In early 2004, Keith made the decision to revise his website from an attorney solicitation site to an educational/informational site for not only the victims of gentamicin poisoning, but their families, other physicians and plaintiff and defense attorneys. 
Since 2004, the website has been visited nearly 10,000 times. ​ Keith has been known to say on numerous occasions “when we stop getting gentamicin case calls, I will know I have effectively educated the medical profession on the side effects of this drug.”  
“I believe the most important aspect of my client’s representation is their
satisfaction with that representation.”

Emphasized Areas of Practice:       

      Gentamicin Poisoning
      Medical Malpractice
      Catastrophic Personal Injury

Before entering law school in 1981, Keith Douglass was the owner and President of the only clinical reference laboratory in Alaska. With a Master’s Degree in medical research, Mr. Douglass also minored in pharmacology and spent 10 years in medical research.

Keith has been practicing law since 1984. For more than 3 decades his practice has been primarily devoted to representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases. He brings to his specialized practice a unique experience in the medical field that few, if any, other lawyers can equal.  This specialized background gives him the ability to understand the complex technical issues involved in medical malpractice cases, and to effectively deal with defendant physicians and other health care practitioners.