Home Healthcare Errors

Due in part to shorter hospitalizations for illnesses and surgical procedures, there has been a significant expansion in the amount of care provided patients in their own homes.  This care is provided by Home Health Care agencies that employ Registered Nurses, pharmacists, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Home Health Aides.  Home-care services are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because it is an alternative for those who do not yet need or want the skilled nursing care that they receive in a nursing home. Remember that a home health care agency is not a medical facility and the staff there may not have the credentials and specialized training that one would expect from nursing home staff.  Some of the tasks that a home health agency employee may fail to properly execute are – administer/monitor/dose oral and/or IV medications, fully implement the discharging physician’s plan of care and  nurses or aides ignoring signs and symptoms of developing illnesses.  If these are not properly carried out, there may be medical negligence.