Allergies to Medical Implants

Unlike contact dermatitis (uncomfortable skin irritation) from the metals (including nickel contact allergies) in buttons, earrings, watches, or other jewelry, some people experience a much more severe reaction. Most recently, the individual components of medical devices themselves have been subject to increased scrutiny amid reports of systemic reactions that appear to be allergies. Cutaneous and systemic hypersensitivity reactions to metallic implants may be more serious than skin dermatitis, as you may have implant-related allergic contact dermatitis.  When metal hypersensitivity occurs in the context of surgical implants, complications can run the gamut, from loosening of a prostheses, to bacterial infections from non-healing surgical wounds.  Here is an overview article that discusses the various metals and their alloys, properties and uses in surgical implants.  If a medical provider fails to properly investigate a prior severe metal allergy before implantation, this may be medical negligence.